Bottom-Line - Commercial Realty Resources
Structured Financing, LLC is a commercial real estate and business finance broker. We have direct access to mortgage and business capital with multiple direct lenders. We do not charge an upfront fee. We charge a success fee payable at closing/funding. The success fee is a percentage of the gross loan amount. Typically 1% to 3%. TBD by loan type and loan amount. 

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to invest in real estate or a business. Especially women who often have higher credit scores and lower default rates. Many women often face difficulties securing traditional loans.

We offer a variety of non traditional loans that cater to our borrower (s) needs and time frame.

Our team members are committed, professional, honest, hard working good business people with the knowledge, experience, vision and enthusiasm to go the extra mile to help our borrower (s) achieve their goals. We perform.